Member Call: Using Email to Promote Your Business: Marketing

Member Call:  Using Email to Promote Your Business

I recently spoke with Marketing Rebel Club member Mitch Tarr, owner of Zin Marketing, whose business is strictly email marketing for clients.

I wanted to make this call because email is so important in anyone’s business, but it seems like it gets harder and harder to make it pay. So, when Mitch said that his business was email marketing, I asked him to answer some questions for us.

The first introductory questions were mine, then we got into some Frequently Asked Questions that Mitch supplied. At the end, I threw him a few curveballs–questions he wasn’t prepared for…I went to the discussion that John and Stan had (click here to go to that post) and asked him a few of the questions from there.

We discussed a lot of topics, including:

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