Marketing Hot seat: Copy Critique and Google Adwords: Marketing

Marketing Hot seat:  Copy Critique and Google Adwords

Jim Curley is an experienced freelance copywriter who is moving toward creating his own products.

He has used direct mail and magazine advertising extensively but finds that it is no longer as effective as it was. He wants a critique of one of his ads and to learn more about how he can use Google Adwords to grow his list and sell his products.

The letter he presents is for a product that teaches how to paint graphics on motorcycles and hot rods.

They discuss:

  • Targeting the letter to the market
  • Finding the market online (if it exists)
  • Developing a list of buying keywords
  • Figuring out where the market will spend money
  • Testing ideas using Adwords
  • How to increase the page rank of the landing page for adwords
  • and much more

There is a lot here for anyone who wants to try Google Adwords.  Even though this was a few years ago, the concepts are still valid, because they discuss basic strategies, not the latest “get rich” scheme.

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