Marketing Hotseat: Copywriter Branding and Expanding Her Business: Marketing

Marketing Hotseat:  Copywriter Branding and Expanding Her Business

Lorrie Morgan is a successful copywriter who is looking for ways to solidify her brand and expand into new areas.

This is a wide-ranging discussion and there will be something for everyone.

Lorrie has a couple of ideas about what she might want to do to expand her business:

  • She asked about what was involved in becoming an A-list copywriter.  John, Harlan Kilstein and David Deutsch give her some great insight into that world.
  • She has more requests for copy than she can fulfill.  She is looking into becoming an intermediary…matching potential clients with copywriters.   They talk about possible liability and different models that she can pursue

She also has questions about some of her current offerings, as well as how to better brand her business:

  • She has some testimonials, but asks for advice on how to get great testimonials from her clients.  John explains how to dig deep to get the best story possible for testimonials.  He also explains the role of video testimonials.
  • Lorrie mentions that she tested the picture on her site vs no picture and the “no picture” won.   John explains the place of pictures in branding a person or a business…when to use them and when not to, and reveals the “bozo theory”.
  • She runs a forum as part of a coaching course.  Her students are having trouble using the forum, and she said it was because they were not very tech-literate.  They accessed the forum and found that the problem may be a lot simpler than that.  This highlighted something Lorrie hadn’t thought of.  This is one of the benefits of a hotseat…a discussion like this with others that are not as involved in your business can often bring out ideas or solutions that you don’t see on your own.
  • She is selling a coaching course on DVD and asks how to set the best price.  John explains how to test prices and quickly hone in on the best price for any product.
  • They also discuss how to add value to a product without adding more information.  John also points out that different segments of a market consume a product in different ways and highlights the necessity of catering to this diversity.

There is a lot of information packed into this one-hour hot seat.  You will probably have to watch it more than once to get the most out of it.

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