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In David’s work as a copywriter and marketer, he has identified specific strategies that he and his clients use to succeed in today’s changing times. These strategies are organized into clear principles. By applying these principles, innovative companies and individuals can achieve remarkable profits in the times to come.

Introduction, Forward, and Credits

May’s Secret: Recognize the New Marketing Realities

June’s Secret: Get Back to the Basics

What others have to say:

“You write well…”

David Ogilvy, Founder Ogilvy & Mather Inc.(after reviewing a copy of the first edition of this book)

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“Since we began working with David Deutsch…on our dealer solicitation materials: the ratio of inquiries we are able to convert into dealers has risen from 30% to 50%, and Kaiser and Blair has grown in sales from $7 million to $21 million”

Richard Kaiser, President Kaeser & Blair Inc.

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“I have gained more useable marketing insight from your book in one sitting than with any book I’ve ever read! I love it and I know that the ideas will soon make me rich! Thank you…for the finest new book on marketing today.”

Brian Keith Voiles, President Brian Keith & Co.

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“It came as no surprise to me that David Deutsch’s book on marketing strategies would be splendidly written, for he has a way with words that matches the skills of any of my students in a 45-year career in academe. What impresses me most… is the zest which permeates the book. It is contagious….”

David Manning White, Ph.D., Former Chairman School of Journalism, Boston University

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“Extremely valuable marketing insights. Helps both new and experienced marketers. Worth at least 10 times the purchase price.”

Ted Nicholas, Publisher & Author of 14 books, including bestselling classic How to Form Your Own Corporation without a Lawyer for Less Than $50

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“Whenever I need marketing advice…I quickly turn to David L. Deutsch….His book is just one testament of David’s marketing genius.”

Larry Fowler, The Zig Ziglar Corporation

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…if you gain only one new idea from a marketing book, chances are you’ve more than recovered what you paid for it. This one is loaded with good ideas.”

Jerry Buchanan, Author and Publisher TOWERS Club Newsletter

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“A comprehensive detailing of innovative marketing ideas. A must for those experienced in marketing as well as those just starting out.”

M. Sloan, President, Linda Sloan & Associates, Yakousaka, Japan

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“David Deutsch is one of the smartest, most creative copywriters in the industry, and his new book is an excellent guide to supercharging your marketing for bigger profits. It’s a great introduction for beginners and a superb refresher course for experienced marketers. If you want to make more money in the volatile 1990s, buy this book.”

Brad Peterson, Direct Mail Copywriter

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“If you applied only 10% of the ideas in this book, I would be amazed if you were to receive less than 100 times the cost of David Deutsch’s book within the first week.”

Stephen R. Kelly, Beulah, Michigan

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