Swipe File Letter: The Only Sex Book You’ll Ever Admit To Buying: Marketing

Swipe File Letter: The Only Sex Book You’ll Ever Admit To Buying

You have to imagine what was going on in Rodale’s collective head at the time. This is a very conservative, east-Pennsylvania-based publisher — one of the largest mailers in the world. But their main fare are books on gardening, health, folk recipes, stuff like that. Heartland material. There’s probably a Rodale book on your shelf Somewhere. Yours, or your grandmothers.

Things are going along nicely for the company. And then, during some otherwise boring meeting, someone suggests they go after the sex market. The lawyers run from the room shrieking, but the accountants perk up. Lucrative market segment. Not everyone gardens, but everyone has sex. More or less, anyway.

They decide on the “less” idea, and create a book by interviewing several thousand men and women about their sex lives – what they like about it, what they wish was happening and isn’t, what their fantasies and fears are, hot tips from the more experienced folks. Then they top it off with plenty of serious advice from blushing doctors and experts. It’s a decent, responsible book. The kind you might give to your kid, in lieu of having that “facts of life’ talk.

Then, to celebrate this bold step of becoming sex-info publishers… they decide to hunt down a new copywriter. Someone who would bring a fresh approach to the job. Not the same old same old. Somebody… slightly… eccentric.

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