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John Carlton’s Best Ads:  The Human Computer

This letter almost set a record for the shortest time spent as a control at Phillips Publishing (the newsletter giant)… but it wasn’t my fault. They mailed it, it scored a hit with outside lists… and then they decided not to publish the newsletter after all.

I forget the details. This is why I loathe working for the financial newsletter industry:  Too volatile. You slave away for a month crafting the perfect letter… and then either someone critical to the enterprise quits to become a beach bum, or the economy tanks.

I actually had three pieces — all for newsletters with a bullish slant — in the mail on Black Monday (October 19th, 1987), when the Dow took a 500-point dive and Mr. Recession closed the party down.  I didn’t attempt another financial piece for over twenty years… until I wrote this ad, in fact.  And when I subsequently did a second ad (for Boardroom) the market took another apocalyptic drop (October of 2000, when the tech­ heavy Nasdaq bottomed out).

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