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  • Teran Dale is an adwords expert who runs a consulting business where he sets up and maintains his clients’ Adwords campaigns.

    Currently he charges an up front set up fee and a monthly maintenance fee.  He is […]

  • Get all of John Carlton’s most successful ads here >>
    John Carlton’s Best Ads… and The Stories Behind Them
    This is an ancient manuscript for an ad I wrote maybe 15 years ago. If you know anything about me p […]

  • Get all of John Carlton’s most successful ads here >>
    John Carlton’s Best Ads… and The Stories Behind Them

    Here, I confronted a major objection in the reader’s mind right off the bat:  Everyone on the house li […]

  • Jack is an attorney who is creating a sales letter for a franchise opportunity for doctors.  He is writing the letter on behalf of his client, who is a doctor, and sending it out under his own letterhead.

    This […]

  • Hey guys, so I have a quick question…

    Do you guys have any swipes of landing pages to book calls that’s converts pretty well?

    If you do, that would be great and it would really help me on this project I’m working on.

    • Hi Reginald,

      There are a lot of variables, including what you do and why anyone would want to call you. I’ll give you some guidelines that have proven to work.

      Make the design simple. Not a lot of colors or distractions. Make sure it’s easy to read and navigate on a phone. Find a page you like and model that.

      Make sure I know why I should…Read more

    • Omgoodness, you have no idea how helpful this is to me. It totally took the proverbial weight off my shoulder and made writing the copy 10x easier.

      So thank you so much.

      Now you did say, find a page you like and model it. Yet I’m having a hardtime finding a page I like.

      Do you have any in mind? Or better yet, is there a structure I can follow t…Read more

    • You’re making this harder than it needs to be.

      Think of an industry that books calls to close clients?

      Accountants? Lawyer?

      Go to Google and type: Best [accountant] is [city, state]

      Skip all of the directory pages, unless they have links to the business site.

      Look at the Book A Call page on 6 websites.

      Pick the one you like the best.…Read more

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