Thank you for ordering David Deutsch’s A-List Copywriting Secrets

Thank you for ordering David Deutsch’s A-List Copywriting Secrets.

Congratulations on making a great investment in multiplying the power of your copy.  You should be proud of taking this first step by investing in this course.

Everything you need to know to access the entire course and all of your bonuses is on the way to you by email.  This page is a summary of what to be on the lookout for.

To access A-List Copywriting Secrets you need to log into this website — The Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club. We use this site to deliver all of the training materials.

You can get started immediately by clicking on the Magic Link you’ll find on the right or bottom of this page.  (Depends on the device you’re using.)

Then enter the email address you entered on the order page.

We’ll email you a secure link.

From:  Stan Dahl / Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club
Subject Line:  [] Login Link

Click on the link in that email, and you’re in!

Clicking the link in that email *should* land you on the A-List Copywriting Secrets home page.  If not…

… at the top of the page you’re on, click Premium Products… then A-List Copywriting Secrets.

That’ll get you to where you want to be.

Login Details

We’ve sent you an email with all the information you’ll need to log in and see A-List Copywriting Secrets, at any time.

From:  Stan Dahl / Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club
Subject Line:  Welcome! Here’s your A-List Copywriting Secrets / MRIC login info…

Both of these emails usually arrive within 1-2 minutes.

If you don’t see them soon, please look in your Spam / Bulk Email Folder.  We do everything technically possible to get our email to your inbox.  Even that can’t prevent an overzealous spam filter from sometimes grabbing one of them.

If, after 5-10 minutes, you’ve looked everywhere there is to look, and you can’t find any emails from us:

Hop over to our customer support site — — and open a ticket.

The #1 reason we hear from people soon after their order is they made a typing mistake in their email address.

Or, if you used PayPal, our payment system may have emailed everything to the address on your PayPal account, which could be different than the one you first typed in.

If you need help finding your emails, include your name, the product, and the date you placed the order. 

We’ll get back to you quickly.  Often the same day.  Never longer than 2-3 business days.

You should find a few other emails from us in your inbox:

This email is VERY important:

From:  Stan Dahl / Marketing Rebel
Subject Line:  Please confirm your order

It’s how you let us know you entered the correct email address with your order.

We’ll use this email to send you shipment tracking information for your workbook and all product updates and new bonuses.  That’s why it’s important you gave us an email you check regularly.

Please take 3 seconds to open this email and click the confirmation link.  It makes a BIG difference when it comes to our email reaching you vs. being blocked or ending up in some spam or bulk folder.

If you prefer we use an email address other than the one you entered into our shopping cart, or the email attached to your PayPal account, go to and create a Support Ticket.

We will NEVER share your email address or other contact information with anyone.  We spend a small fortune every month dealing with spam. We are not about to contribute to the problem.  Every email I send you comes with an opt-out link. One click, and that will be the last email you ever get from us.

No matter where these first few emails landed, it’s a good idea to add us to your contacts or whitelist us, so your information makes it to your inbox.  Simple, step-by-step instructions on how to add us to your whitelist are here.

Receipt / Invoice

From:  Stan Dahl / Marketing Rebel
Subject Line:  Thank you. Here’s your order confirmation

This email contains the invoice for your purchase and other details about your payment.

Welcome aboard.


Stan Dahl
CEO, Marketing Rebel LLC

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