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Copywriters do a great job selling other people’s stuff, but a lot of them have trouble selling themselves.


  • David Deutsch (A-list copywriter)
  • Kevin Rogers (working copywriter with several years’ experience)
  • Harlan Kilstein (experienced copywriter who also hires copywriters)
  • Joe Polish and Mary Ellen (who hire copywriters)

Topics of Discussion:

  • Joe Polish — How I hire a copywriter
  • Royalties vs upfront payments
  • How to become an A-list writer
  • The 5 ways a copywriter will not get paid
  • Writers code of Ethics
  • Finding your USP

Stan: Copywriters are great at selling other peoples’ stuff but tend to be really bad at selling their own stuff.

Panel: David Deutsch, Kemin Rogers, Harlan Kilstein, Mary Ellen Tibby, Joe Polish

Mary Ellen and Joe are not copywriters, but they hire copywriters

3:12 John explains the 2 mentalities in business and shows where copywriters fit in.

5:10 Joe explains what he is looking for in a copywriter. Sales people tend to be crazy and erratic and that is not the type of person that makes a good emaployee. The one main quality he wasnts is someone who does what they say and delivers on time.

He wants every chargers rather than energy drainers.

7:25 5 ways the copywriter will not get paid

  1. Hired to write a letter and the client doesn’t mail it. You won’t get royalties
  2. Write the letter, client mails it but cheats you out of your royalties
  3. Write the letter, client mails it but doesn’t exploit it.
  4. Write the letter, the client can’t mail or exploit it because of other problems in the business.
  5. You write the letter but the client changes it. If it is successful they take all credit and if not they blame it on you.

Joe also wants someone who can sell themselves and their abilities.

John: That is the hardest thing for a copywriter.

10:11: Joe looks for evidence of success, but he may hire a new copywriter who will write a lotter for free to get started.

11:52: Mary Ellen: Trying to find the gems in the dirt.

  1. You need to have the mindset that you want to pay your copywriter millions of dollars
  2. You need to have a copywriter that understands the importance of each of the 3 parts of a campaign..copy, list, and offer,
  3. You need a copywriter who understands direct response marketing
  4. You need a copywriter who knows the results of their last job
  5. You need a copywriter who will ask for royalties
  6. she asks a new copywriter to write her a letter selling her on a book or movie that they recently read or saw.
  7. They need to understand her business, competitors, and what letters are currently working in that business.

15:40 John: Be wary of freelancers who cannot actually do the work. There are a lot of copywriters who can sell themselves and are commanding high wages but cannot do the work.

19:43 Mary Ellen: You have to manage your copywriters. Make sure they are following through on their work.

If someone misses a deadline for her she will not hire them again.

22:50 Becoming an A-List Copywriter: David Deutsch

The top mailers are starving for A-list copywriters because there is a lack of people with that level of talent and dedication.

You have to do extensive research. It may take 3 months of writing to create a magalog. It takes a lot of work.

John: You have to work your way up to becoming an A-list writer.

29:35 Kevin: You should participate in forums and give good advice. There are people reading the forums who hire copywriters and this is a chance to impress them as well as help somebody.

30:13: John: Hiring a Copywriter

You have to go into this as a relationship. You will be dealing very clesely with this person.

There is a lot of back-stabbing going on. You can’t eleveate yourself by trashing other people and being a jerk. Don’t be negative and cynical.

Joe: Package yourself uniquesly. Know your stuff and know who it is you want to work with.

Harlan: Create your USP as a copywriter. Find something unique to say about yourself or you are just another cookie on the shelf.

He has one student who specializes in Forex copywriting. He is the one to hire if you have a forex product.

39:55 John discusses sticking with a niche and why it is important to specialize, and if you are hiring it is better to hire a specialist.

Harlan: The first question prospective employers ask and why you shouldn’t answer it. He tells what questions you should ask first

David Deutsch: You should be the doctor, not the druggist.

48:20: John talks about the one thing any copywriter needs to become an A-list writer.

50:03 If you had just graduated from the SWS what would your first step be?

Kevin Rogers tells how to get started and make money right away as a copywriter.

Develop your own USP as a copywriter:

  1. If you are not already a specialist, answer this question: What niche should you specialize in? Where are your interests?
  2. What knowledge do you need to get started in that niche?
  3. Spend a little time familiarizing yourself with the copy that exists in the niche.
  4. Are there any holes that you can fill? What can you do better than other people?
  5. Use these insights to develop a “starter USP” that you can develop as your career develops.

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