Action Seminar Online

Action Seminar Online

A few years ago, we gathered some of the best in the business.

We challenged them to teach how to find and attract more prospects, explode website opt-in and conversion rates, close more sales, and generate more income.

You’re about to learn from people who, at the time, were already extremely online-marketing-niche-famous, like John Carlton, Michael Gerber (author of the E-Myth series), Joe Polish, Mike Koenigs, and Bond Halbert.

And pre-famous people like James Schramko, Kevin Rogers, Chris Haddad, and Scott Rewick. (It’s rare to find presentations like these from people on the cusp of massive success.)

And people who still mostly stay in the background, content to let their long list of successful and happy clients speak for them, like Big Jason Henderson, Jon Correll, and Brian Johnson.

And many, many others. (This isn’t even half the experts we gathered for you.)

Welcome to the Action Seminar Online!


Whether you are launching a new business, a new product, or want to attract new customers to your existing stuff, we have you covered.

These lessons combine strategy, technology, and messaging.

We’ve got a combination of presentations and Hot Seat Sessions. Learn how John Carlton, Stan Dahl, and our gathered Marketing Rebels solve real-world business and marketing problems.


Direct Response Copy and Salesmanship In Print.

Presentations and hours of Q&A, copy critiques, and hot seats. John Carlton leads the pack, including David Deutsch, Lorrie Morgan, Kevin Rogers, Harlan Kilstein, Joe Polish, and MaryEllen Tribby.

We have tips and techniques if you write your own copy or hire it out.


Presentations to improve your mindset, strategies, tactics, and systems.

Michael Gerber, Melanie Benson, Stan Dahl, James Schramko, Brian Johnson, and others who have been there and done that.

Leverage. Using questions to solve more problems. HUGE Mistakes (and how to avoid them). Hours of tips you can put to work this week.

Email Marketing

Build a list of prospects, nurture them into customers, and close sales. All at tiny costs.

Tips you can implement this week to increase your email deliverability, open, and click rates.

Bond Halbert (Online A-Pile / B-Pile), Jason Henderson (testing and more testing), and a Q&A panel of experts who have made millions sending emails for themselves and their clients.

Product Creation

This was the second most-requested topic in our pre-event survey.

So, we gathered some of the best (and most productive) product creators.

It’s not rocket science, either. Anyone can learn to do this, creating more value for their customers and wealth for themselves.


Strategies from experts in both free and paid traffic.

Media buying, organic traffic from Facebook, Google, and YouTube, and how to use Big Data like The Big Dogs.

These experts have invested 100s of millions on ads, launched 7-figure media sites, and run some of Facebook’s most successful groups.

Website Design, Tech & Testing

“I’m just the copywriter…” is not OK anymore.

The best copy in the world will fail when surrounded by a poorly designed, slow, or hard-to-navigate website.

Our speakers show you how to create a website that gets the job done, even if you are not a tech expert. Especially if you are not a tech expert.

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