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3 – Bond Halbert: “The Online A-Pile / B-Pile Speech (How to Get Your Emails Opened & Read)”

Updating the principles in his father’s now world famous A-Pile / B-Pile Speech, Bond Halbert shows you exactly how he consistently gets email open rates way beyond the industry standard. Whether you are a professional wordsmith or flunked English class… you will be able to boost your email marketing profits using these simple tactics starting with the first email you send after watching this presentation.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to get direct mail into the A-pile.
  • How to get past the Spam Filter
  • How to get an a-pile email address
  • How to get your email opened
  • What is the best subject line of all

and much more…

1 – Email Panel: “How to Use Email Marketing to Grow Your Business”

Stan Dahl, Brian Johnson and Jason Henderson discuss best practices and current trends in email marketing.

Topics include:

  • How much info should you request in your opt-in
  • What to test regarding your opt-in “bribe”
  • how to segment your list
  • how to speak with each segment.
  • Best tools to use at the start and as you grow
  • The most important part of your subject line

2 – Ben Morris & Colin Chung: “Find the Hottest Prospects on Your Current List”

You know what small entrepreneurs love to do? Steal the secrets used by cocky international corporations… and put that magic to work for the little guy.

Ben Morris & Colin Chung of Kristalytics are our secret weapons here, finally delivering the almost SCARY “cost-slashing, results maximizing” mojo that Fortune 100 companies rely on through fancy “customer targeting” sci-fi level software… at a tiny fraction of the cost the monsters shell out.

Pay attention: You’re about to learn how to identify and reach the BEST customers you’ll ever find, locally and globally… even though, right now, they are HIDDEN from you. This is a peek behind the MegaBuck Corporate world of unfair advantages… and a chance to scoop them at their own game. Even if you’re working from a kitchen table. (HUGE results await…)

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