October 29

AS2 – Melanie Benson Strick: First, Clear the Head Trash


AS2-Melanie-StrickDuring the second Action Seminar, Melanie Benson Strick explains how to clear the trash from your mind before you can move ahead in your business. This is the first step and is necessary in order to succeed.

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Melanie’s comments:

The first thing we have to do is we have to clear the head trash. And, I know that every single entrepreneur has head trash. Because, our businesses are our babies. We wrap our identity up in what we do. We have birthed these things that we want other people to love and accept as much as we do, and buy, right?

So, the idea behind the Ferrari is one of the things that the Ferrari symbolizes is that it is not just a car, it is a high-performance car. People, when they want a Ferrari, they are willing to drop a lot of money on that Ferrari, aren’t they? I mean, not everyone can actually afford the Ferraris that buy the Ferraris, but they want that.

That’s what we want, too. We want to experience that high-performance machine that people are willing to drop a lot of money to get a piece of, right? Anybody agree with that? So, we have to own a shift here. There’s a play on words, a little double-entendre here, if you didn’t catch it. OK? I just didn’t think you wanted the 4-letter version of that up on the screen.

I see it every day. I experience it, we all experience it, but it is what you do when you experience the head trash that matters. And, here’s what I know about head trash. If you’ve got junk jumbling around in your head, and you’ve got doubts, you’ve got fears. If you’re in that space, where you just cannot possibly think about how you’re going to get out of this crap that you’re in, what’s going to happen is that you are going to get paralyzed. And when you’re paralyzed you can’t think big. All you can think about is what’s right in front of you. All you can think about is the very next thing. And, when you’re doing the very next thing, that is not playing a very big game, is it?

So, again, if you’ve been in this space, or if you feel like you’re in this space now, I just want to say that I get it, I’ve been there, I’m no different than you. I don’t have any magic formulas or pills, except that I have a system that helps to get out of the head trash and into a space where I can play my big game.

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