June 5

Action Seminar: How to Get Past the Gatekeeper


JC_-_Increase_AwarenessIn an excerpt from the Action Seminar, John Carlton explains how to use classic sales techniques and people skills to get past the gatekeepers to get your message heard.

His comments:

The skills that John has are vital for street-level salesmen.  But, you can sell a report (I  have never seen people do this well).  Shamus Brown, who is in our mastermind group, and I talk a lot about classic salesmanship stuff, because he had it down.  But, we have trouble explaining it to other people.  If you can break that down.  Think critically about what you do to get that stuff past the gatekeeper.  What did you do?

There are a lot of things you can’t do, obviously, either online or with mail but, if you think about it, what I used to do, as a freelancer, I would come to the first meeting I had with somebody at an agency, I would go to the receptionist and give her a stick of gum.  That was it.  And, ask her how her day went.  I didn’t do it thinking about it, I just did it because I was that kind of guy.  They though I was hitting on them.

The thing is, when I went back she remembered my name and was always buzzing the VP before I got inside the building.  I gave her a stick of gum, I asked her how she was doing.  Nothing more.  I didn’t hit on her, I didn’t do anything.  And it was that simple act of human kindness that got me through.

Now, there are a lot of elements like that.  There are a lot of things that you can do.  And, then there are the tricks, like in direct mail that people talked about, like if you were going to a doctor, you would get a lawyer to sign the letter, so he could see it was from a lawyer’s office.  It was because we knew that lawyers’ letters got right past the gatekeepers.  It would say “hi, I am a lawyer from blah, blah, blah.  Now, let me tell you about this new way to get less… whatever… pay less for benefits, or whatever.

Think about all the tactics you use, and don’t think of it as “I can’t use this because this was live”.  Think about why it worked.  What was the psychological, emotional thing that was going on, and how might that translate into other things.  Does that make sense at all?  You probable can’t do this on the fly, but if you think about it…

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