May 22

How Motion Creates Opportunity


AS1-StanDahlIn an excerpt from the Action Seminar, Stan Dahl explains how by moving forward toward your long term goals, opportunities will arise to help you succeed.

His comments:

I’m just going to restate, because I have a background in big business consulting, and I realize there is entire industry and countless books on this topic…success and getting things done…it all comes down to motion.  That’s all it is.  Just pick something and do it.  Once you are in motion, the options become good options.

John threw out one yesterday.  If you’re starting from nothing and you get something going in your industry, one of the first things that will happen is a really good job offer.  And, you will make that decision based on what you want.  But, now, suddenly, you’ve got 2 good options, as opposed to sitting down and wondering what to do next.

I worked with a lot of start-up companies that were bought out by huge companies.  Almost none of them had their success in the thing that the founders started doing.   For example, in the software industry, they were going to do custom programming or they were going to do this kind of thing, but then they had a big client who threw this at them.  They had a good choice.  Do we stick with the vision or do we take the money to do this other thing?

Different choices, of course, can be made, but it was just that the motion is where it happens.  The only caveat I try to get people to put on that, ourselves included, is that, tying it into short term goals, what is the short term feedback that this is a good idea?  The short term feedback is probably that you won’t be making a million dollars a year.  That’s very long term, very abstract.

If you’re going to put a website up, if you think this is the market, what should start happening that proves to you this is worth pursuing?  If those things don’t start happening, it’s a hobby.  And, hobbies are great.  It doesn’t mean that you should quit doing it.  You need to have some metric, and James said he goes to his wife, or you have some friends, or you just decide yourself…if the market doesn’t start responding like this I have to change something or give this up or something else.

But, if the world does start responding, then just keep doing it, and then that’s where the opportunity is.  From the biggest company to the smallest company, if you read their 1-year plan, their 2-year plan, their 5-year plan, they are comical a couple of years later.  It’s nothing like that.  But, in the act of having a plan and executing the plan, that’s where the good things happen.

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