May 26

How To Be More Productive


Stan_Dahl_AS_1In an excerpt from the Action Seminar, Stan Dahl explains how to get the most out of your efforts in order to succeed in business.

His comments:

The way John and I both try to focus on productivity…it’s not really into micromanaging your minutes in your day.  I’m just not a big believer in that.  I get too bored with any one process or way of living my life week after week, so those highly structured time management things do not work for me.

So, we are not going to try to impose our idealized view on how you should manage your time to be productive.  What we would like to focus on…what does work for John and me (and I’ve seen it work for a lot of people) is this model.

You will be more productive when you have a clear road map of what you need to accomplish before you can accomplish something else.  It’s easy to keep reading about something.  It’s easy to say “well, here are 20 membership site tools.  Let me look at all of them this month and make a decision.”

Pick one, and go.  In almost every case, no matter which one you pick, there will be good things about it and bad things about it, and you will outgrow it if you are successful.  Nothing will change that.  While you are doing the research there will be new technology, new tools.

So, to come back to this framework, the key to productivity, in my opinion, is knowing what you are supposed to be working on, and then working on it.  Just as importantly, you need the virtual assistant, who stands in back of your head with a ruler, a stick.  As soon as you find yourself thinking about “over here”…you want to do a forum and now you are reading…you need the virtual “whap” on your knuckles or on your head.  Something has to trigger to stop this.

There are different ways of doing this.  The mastermind group is good on that, if some way you can hold each other accountable.  You know what you want to get done, and you have to get these things done first, so if you have a peer group which is the ruler, smacking you on the knuckles, that is one way.

I find that just having the picture works for me.  Using a whiteboard or notes, just having a lot of text on paper, like a to do list, is a good way not to get anything done.  You look at the list every day and it is overwhelming, so you give up and go play X-box for a couple of hours…or another level of Grand Theft Auto.  You get a sense of satisfaction because you got something done, but if you have the deliverable, deliverable, deliverable, and work towards those it works better.

So, in terms of productivity, that is how we are going to focus these next couple of days.

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