May 25

John Carlton On Competition


AS2-CarltonIn an excerpt from the Action Seminar, John Carlton explains how small businesses can compete with bigger companies by offering superior customer service.

How many people have competition in their market? Pirhanas, sharks, evil, nasty, Attila the Hun types? OK. It’s very common, you’re going to get into it. And, the basics of the Simple Writing System, for those who took it, what are the top 3 things we get into? We get into your elevator talk, we get into who the prospect is, and what’s the third one? It’s market research. Just get out there and start looking at it.

The thing I like to tell people that calms them down is, uniquely on line…well, it’s true for other media, but very vividly online, when somebody is on your page you are equal to the biggest competitor out there. While his eyeballs are on your page. So, you can go up against IBM, Apple, Ford, NATO, and Gadaffy. All at once. Because you have the eyeballs.

So, when you learn the weaknesses they have, there are certain things that businesses do when they get out of toddlerhood and get into the angry teens, and they start dropping things. They drop customer service, they start having a shoddier product, they start raising prices willy-nilly, they lose track of the back end, The smart, kitchen table, one-man band entrepreneur can just clean their clock in certain ways.

Get traffic, and once you’ve got prospects’ eyeballs on your page, you have the chance to do the dance of wonderfulness, so they go “you know what? You are the guy I want to deal with”. Because of all the things…the guarantee’s better…One of the main things is that when someone gets really big, especially if there is some type of personal interaction, someone may go to a guru, thinking they are going to get the guru to deal with them, and it doesn’t happen. So, you can actually say, if you are smaller, “I’m small. You are going to get me or maybe my assistant, but I answer all the emails myself”. And that type of personal touch really helps.

Who knows the story of Gateway computers? My first 12 computers were Gateway. They forced me to stop using them. Through bad customer service, they dropped the ball. My best friend was their lawyer for a while. I had the inside story on those guys. Then they just…it’s not an uncommon story. Dell was big at the time, but there were other companies that would just swoop in. They had their eye on the ball and they were looking for openings to get in there. You can do it as a one-man band online. Just know what you can do. Don’t ever lie, don’t pretend to be something you’re not. You don’t need to. There are a lot of people who don’t want to deal with the large corporation. They want to deal with regular people.

There’s always a way. There’s always an opening. Make sense?

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