October 27

John Carlton: How to Keep Moving Forward


AS2-JC-MastersJohn Carlton tells how to blow through obstacles and keep moving forward in your business. There are 4 steps that you go through to move obstacles aside and go.  In this clip he explains the second step.

Video Transcript:

Two: Do you need more info before you can act? Huge. A lot of people get stuck because they think “What am I going to do about this situation or problem? I’ve got to get a website up. I don’t know how to do it.” You need more information. If you need more information, what does that mean for that problem. What’s the next step for you to deal with that problem?

Come on. Break it down some more. Huh? You’re way ahead of me. Do you need a new resource? Do you need help? Do you need employees? Do you need money? Do you need new software? What is it? Start breaking it down. If you need new software, what new software? Are there 15 different kinds? Start looking at this. Do you need to outsource stuff? Do you need a freelancer?

Then, the other category is: do you need to fix this now? This is very important. Or, can you ignore it for a while? If you haven’t got your website up yet, you should not be worrying about directing traffic to it at this point, for example. OK?

Now, here’s the key. Here’s the big key to a reality check breaking this down. Try to keep the items that you then work on within 1 or 2 steps of Operation Moneysuck. Which means you are either going to bring in cash or results that will lead to cash very quickly.

So, it’s like getting a new office. How many people working out of the house, working off the kitchen table, something like that? A lot of people. I worked out of a 1-room apartment. I had one bedroom as my office, my bedroom, my living space, everything. For 3 years. And it was fine. Because, you know, I kept looking at it and kept thinking “You know, I should go get an office. Or a bigger apartment. And it was just so far down the line of Operation Moneysuck that it didn’t matter. I wasn’t spending much time there except to sleep and to write, and I don’t need a lot of space to write. I have a nice office in the house now and I just have a little corner where I shove my desk. I just don’t use about 90% of the room now. OK?

So, staying within a few steps of Operation Moneysuck is very, very critical.

Let’s talk about that a little more. If a site isn’t bringing in enough traffic and you know how to convert leads, then what is probably the next step of Operation Moneysuck? Get more traffic. Because if you know how to convert traffic, get more traffic. OK? Don’t fuss with other things. However, if you’re not converting prospects, then don’t get more traffic. If you’ve got some traffic, but you’re not converting it, what’s our problem? What’s Operation Moneysuck? Start converting those guys. Start making sales. Pouring more leads into a funnel that’s not converting customers is not going to help you. OK? Don’t get ahead of yourself, stay simple.

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