November 25

John Paul Mendocha: Successful Mindset for Google Adwords


AS3-John_Paul_MendochaJohn Paul Mendocha, who manages Google Adwords campaigns for some of the largest companies, explains how mindset is needed for success. You can beat the huge odds with Adwords.

John Paul’s comments:

OK…Everybody’s seen a slot machine, right? Yeah! Gotta work ’em. You know how a slot machine works, and by the way, the ones we are showing on the screen isn’t the way slot machines look today because there are no handles on them, they’re all electronic.

Actually, the most important thing you can do at a casino, for a casino is to put in the player tracking card. They make no bones about it…”we will bribe you, we will hound the crap out of you until you give us your information.” Cool.

So, as soon as you put your money in and hit the play button, the instant you let go of the button, the random number generator goes out and generates a number, the number goes to a lookup table, the lookup table says if you won or lost. Just like that. It takes less than a second. All that spinning, all that gurgling, all that moving around is to do what? To entertain you. It’s entertainment. That’s what they call it. Gotta love it.

Well, Google’s like a slot machine, because someone looks at your ad, they click on it. In an instant, they did what? Charged you some money to come and have a look at your page, come look at your offer, come look at what you did. How long do they last? How long is that relationship? You know, people always talked about “Oh, one night stand”. I love Google. 3 second click. I mean, even for guys that’s a little premature, isn’t it? Come on, you know, a little foreplay. Boom! They’re gone!

So, it’s like a slot machine which means you have to think about it as a slot machine and quit thinking about it; in a lot of ways people like to think about it in other ways. So, if you click on an ad you go to a page and no one gets excited and you don’t get any kind of conversion and you don’t get anything moving, just like a slot machine in Vegas, what does it say? You see, Google doesn’t say this. See, there’s no board that flashes on your computer every time Google charges you which says “Good luck…play again”.

Vegas found out, by the way, years ago, that if they gave you positive feedback, to play again, guess what…people do. And, literally, people will say “It told me to play again”. Bad odds. Nearly 80% of Google adwords campaigns lose money. By the way, Google will never tell anybody how much loses money. That’s the difference between Vegas and Google. Vegas actually has rules. It’s called “the integrity of the game”. Believe it or not. It’s called the integrity of the game. Because it will tell you, legally, how much they can win out of every dollar that you have. And it’s called the “negative expectancy game”.

It’s bad odds. Because nearly 80% of all Google ad campaigns lose money. And they lose every dime. So what does that mean in real numbers? It’s big numbers. 32 billion dollars last year. Is that real money?

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