June 4

A Product Launch is a Story


AS2_HaddadIn an excerpt from the Action Seminar, presenters Chris Haddad and Kevin Rogers explain how the story behind a product is critical for a successful launch.

Their comments:

To me, there are 2 key stories to  million dollar launches.  Launches that actually kick a lot of butt, build your business, make you money, get your positioning, have girls screaming as you walk down the street…hopefully for good reasons, not because you look creepy.

First, there is the personal story.  The “I’m just like you” story.  If you know Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, those guys, you have heard this before.  The “I’m like you” story is just “Hey, I am not some big guru, I am not some magical guy in the weight loss niche, I’m just somebody who used to be really, really fat.  I tried a lot of stuff, I tried the P90X thing and I broke my leg doing it and it was really horrible.  I tried Deal a Meal, and that didn’t work.  Then, I discovered this amazing way of losing weight by eating donuts, and how weird is that?”  Right?

You’re a regular person going through the entire thing.  And, you will see that for 9 out of 10 launches that are really successful, they have a large component of that “just like you” story.  “I’m just a regular person”.  Whoever that regular person in that niche is.

I  am a regular guy who just likes race car driving.  I came to this conflict, and I discovered this way around it and now I want to share it with you.  Right? That is the key to the regular person story.

Kevin:  Right.  A lot of people say to me “I’m not that interesting”.  Well, that is rarely true.  I’ll give you a great Carlton story you may not have heard.  The person who had the story of the “One-legged golfer” had told that story so many times that it wasn’t interesting to him any more.  John was on the phone with the guy for 45 minutes, trying to dig out something juicy he could use for a hook.  And then he asked him how he got the thing developed, and he said “well, I was on the course one day…and I’ve told this story a million times…and there was this golfer with one leg, and he comes up to the tee…” and John said “Did you say one leg?” and the guy said “yeah, yeah, yeah, there was a one-legged golfer and the guy drove the ball 300 yards”.  And John said “OK, thank you” and the rest is history.

So, you have a story, and that is why sometimes it is great to hook up with a copywriter who is looking for your story, because they will dig it out of places you may have glossed it over.

Chris:  The lesson to this story is that you are not your target market.  What’s boring to you is incredibly exciting to the people in your target market.  If you are an entrepreneur, by the way, you are not normal.  Jason Moffit is not normal, that is for sure.

Kevin:  The other thing I wanted to say is, think of Mike Koenigs and fireman Mike.  If it’s not you, it can be your best case study. OK?   So if you don’t have a story, create one.  Find someone who desperately needs your system, and coach them through it.  Tell them that instead of them paying you that they will be your best case study.  “I am going to change your life, you are going to tell everyone I changed your life and we are going to show the actual process”.

Chris: Very often we have someone with a great story and we bring them into the project in some way.  Because we can use them.  They can be the face, or the guru, or the regular person for that particular product.  It doesn’t always have to be you.  And the talent is relatively cheap, because the marketing is where the power really comes from.

And that’s the first story that every launch should really have.

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