November 24

AS3 – Brian Johnson: Management problems and how to fix them


AS3-Brian_JohnsonBrian Johnson speaks about a big problem he finds in big and small companies…

Brian’s comments:

This one is even bigger…even more prevalent in the bigger companies. You can’t read it up there, but it says “Understanding the Root Cause”. Most executives, entrepreneurs, top management bury their heads in the sand on a lot of issues, and they really focus on the symptom. They mask the symptom. They never deal with the root cause of the issue. It just creates this kind of band-aid effect on top of band-aid effect and it just gets crazy and out of control.

So, one of the things we try to do is, we work through what is called a “current reality tree” to really get to the root cause. I’ll sit with an executive and say “let’s first look at what is the undesired effect at the top. What’s the cause of that…why is it happening?”

“Well, Sally goes home at 5, really doesn’t work more than that”. And, what’s the cause of that? Well, Joe didn’t get his stuff to her on time. He goes home at 4…if you drop it all the way down, you really get to the root cause. Some of it is a fact of life. Move on. Stan said it a while ago. Sometimes you get to where it’s going to convert this and that’s all there is to it. That’s just a fact of life and you have to build around it.

But, usually we find, as you drill down through these undesired effects, you’ll find poor management, Lack of leadership, big one you’ve heard a lot of in the last couple of days–no planning, and a total lack of clarity. Those are the top ones that you usually see when you really drill down in a current reality tree and get to the root cause.

Make sense? Everybody can use this, right? An easy way to use this is just keep asking “Why?” This is my undesired effect. Well, why is that? Well, because this is happening. Well, why is that happening? Because…and exhaust every possibility all the way down to the root cause.

Everybody with me? OK.

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