October 30

John Carlton Copywriting Tips: Make Your Superscript Count



John Carlton’s hot seat is for Jack, who is selling a package that shows people how to recruit an MLM downline. In this clip, he dissects Jack’s superscript, showing how a few words can make a huge difference in your copy.

John’s advice:

Let’s start breaking this down. It’s very very relevant to anyone who’s running copy. He’s already done a lot of research and gotten this, yet there are holes in his research that maybe need to be identified. Let’s break this down, word by word.

Again, the “amazing” thing. That word is on probation with me. I use it a lot. As Stan mentioned, a lot of people coming through biz op who would be susceptible to easy MLM pitches… Not to put them down or anything, but people who are susceptible to that seen that word a bit. At least. So that word is on probation.

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“MLM” lower case… Have you tried it in upper case, with periods?

Jack: No.

John: Because right now it looks to me like “mm”; Secrets…now, again, what we’re talking about, between “mlm” and “secrets”, you’re making an assumption there, and when we assume, we what?

The assumption is that MLM equals money and success and blah, blah, blah and you are asking the reader to bring that to the table here. Your job is to explain what is happening here. “Amazing MLM…” I would be tempted to use things like “advanced but simple MLM secrets that put you in the top 10% of all online marketers…” The mantra that I try to get into most of my stuff, whether I use these words or just use the attitude, is “fast, simple, easy, and cheap”. Cheap can be identified as a bargain, which I explain, so I don’t want to say that it is a cheap product, but that is the way I say it to myself…fast, simple, easy and cheap. If you can work all that in, it is usually going to explain part of the USP or possibly all of the USP.

And, how you qualify those terms, by adding words, by changing the verbs or making them more active…making them more powerful…will help you be more unique. In other words…how fast you are. If everyone is fast in a market you can still be faster. Or, you may just back up and say “we’re slower, but we have better quality or blah, blah.” So, answer those questions.

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