October 25

AS2 – John Carlton: How to Solve Business Problems


AS2-JC-MastersIn the second Action Seminar, John Carlton discloses how he helps business owners through marketing and copywriting hot seats. You have to break down the problem and find out what needs to be fixed.

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John’s comments:

The key thing I wanted to get across. This is very short. You will see this when we do copy critiques, when we do hot seats up here, or when we look at problems. The way the professionals look at problems is they break it down.

OK. So for example, a lot of people say: “I need more conversions”. Well, that’s really not the problem. The problem can be broken down into things like the quality of your product, the perceived value of your product, what kind of bargain you’re offering, how much price test you’ve done, what kind of feedback you’re getting from people, what kind of backends you have, you know, if you are trying to make a living off one thing and having no back end sales go on. The lifetime value of the customer. A lot of things go into something like conversions.

So, if you are stuck by anything like “I can’t get traffic.” You’ll be stuck for a long time if that’s what you do, so think about breaking it down. This is problem-solving 1A.

So, when you watch us, try to watch us critically as we dive into the hot seats that we have here. We tried to select the best hot seats that are going to be representative so that everybody gets something out of this with the hot seats, so I guess we’ll explain it again right before the hot seats. Basically, the rule is; I’ve given hundreds and hundreds of hot seats before, and I will tell you that people who are watching the hot seat will get more out of it than the person on the hot seat. And, this phenomenon happens because it triggers your brain. So, even if you are watching someone in a market totally removed from yours, with problems that don’t seem even vaguely connected to yours, because everything is about breading it down, it’s going to help trigger ideas for you, and not just ideas but solutions and ways to get clarity about what is going on in your life and in the problem.

So, there’s only a couple of things. One is you try to get clarity about what the problem actually is, you figure out what your options and your resources are to solve it, both the resources that you have now and the resources that you’d like to get, or that you can say: “You know, if I had this resource…” It might be coaching, it might be learning something yourself, it might be picking up a piece of software, it might be a lot of different things. But the resources you have are very important to this.

And the third element of that is, what? What is this seminar all about?: Action. So many people fall down going after goals and trying to solve problems. An then they figure it out and never implement anything.

So, that’s why we call this the Action Seminar. And that’s about it.

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