JC_-_Increase_AwarenessIn the first Action Seminar, John Carlton discloses a process he has used for many years to heighten his sensitivity to his surroundings and really be aware of what is going on around him.

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John’s comments:

This is an exercise that I started doing when I wanted to start expanding myself. I’m going to ask you guys to just sit back, close your eyes. This is only going to take a couple of minutes. And the reason that you’re closing your eyes is that is the sense that most of us rely on most of the time. So, when you close your eyes, you actually put (do it, Kevin)…you’re actually in a little bit of a state of vulnerability here. Because you can’t see what is going on, you’re, you shut off things. You don’t have to rely on your other senses, but think about the other senses. And this is a real quick exercise, you guys can go through and you can do it for 20 minutes, you can do it for a half an hour, you can do it for five minutes. Think about your other senses. What do you hear? Not “I hear noises in the room, I hear John talking”, but what so you hear?

OK. We hear Brad Peterson walking across the back of the room like he is special, like he can show up late. We hear the air conditioner going, we hear me creaking up here. Start to identify this stuff. If you do it outside, at first you’ll think “I hear birds”. But, you know, if you actually concentrate, you will hear 5 birds. And you will say “I hear 5 birds on the tree right next to me and another couple of birds farther off, of another species, and I hear some other birds flying overhead.”

OK? Real quick now. What do you feel? What is your tactile sense? Real quick. Do you feel the chair on your back? Do you feel the pants on your leg? Jewelry hanging around your neck? Your hair, kind of rustling maybe in the air conditioning?

OK? What do you taste? Most of us go through our entire lives only tasting when we’re in front of some spicy food or something that is alarming our senses. So, really, what are you tasting? Probably, you know, coffee, maybe what you just had, maybe something strong. So, what’s underneath that, what’s around it? People get very p**sed off at the onophiles, the wine lovers, because they’ll talk about “oh, I catch bouquets of blueberry, blackberry, and back alley wino in this one.” But, what they’re doing is they’re breaking it down.

And, of course, what do you smell? Most of us go through life without using our noses at all. And, if you start breaking it down, you will find this will increase your awareness level when you start the day.

OK, you can open your eyes now. Did you guys experience something just a little different than your normal morning routine? That is part of starting to expand your awareness. Most Americans don’t meditate, I’ve meditated on and off. I’ve done transcendental meditation and kind of done my own version and done stuff. That is the best thing I’ve ever done. If I can just sit there, especially like outside, and spend 10 minutes just going through my senses it wakes you up. And it wakes you up not so you’re not sleepy, rather you are suddenly aware of things. In a much different fashion.

OK? Does that make sense?

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