December 23

John Carlton Marketing Tip: How to Present Your Product


SF-MH-Ben_MackIn this marketing hotseat, John Carlton explains the best way to present a product so people will want it.  It must add value and be unique.  Not cookie cutter,

Ben: …that for $5.997 I am giving you a franchise around a mastermind.

David G.: So, you’re giving me a little black box I can take to my list and it will spit out money. All I have to do is say “Check out this black box”. OK

John: So, first you have to write out all the objections that you’re going to have 18 months from now. One of the first is “why do I have to have someone tell me how to run a mastermind?” And, so my first suggestion right out of the box is that the word “mastermind” has to be changed, or it needs to be altered in some way.

Ben: Really!

John: Because a mastermind is like saying “I’m going to teach you how to make a hamburger” You know… “why do I need you to teach me how to make a hamburger?” “Well, it is not just a hamburger…it is a Mac-burger”.

Lorrie: Why can’t it be Mack’s Mastermind?

John: Exactly…it can be.

Ben: It is Dr. Ben Mack’s Mastermind.

John: Well, that is a start. I would want another word in there. It doesn’t really matter what the word is…it is a positioning word. Masterminds on steroids…mega-mastermind…the master mastermind. Some kind of positioning thing that helps me understand why I just don’t need to read Think and Grow Rich again and do it myself.
Kennedy doesn’t use “mastermind”, he uses…what does he use?

Stan: “Inner circle”. Now he’s making up medal levels…

John: Now he is up to super titanium…

Stan: Triptonite, or something.

Ben: When [unintelligible] launched the Deluxe Interactive Mega megasort, I was the one that put the word “deluxe” on it, and it was meant as a joke. I’m in a meeting where they are talking about the “Interactive Mega Megasort” and I meant it as a sarcastic joke “we should call it the deluxe interactive mega megasort”, and the Chief Marketing Officer said “I love it”.

John: Well, there’s a reason they do it. The language out there…the word “Mastermind” is not a power word…it is very soft and it is very overused. So that is why I use the word “hamburger”. No matter how much passion you bring to the conversation…if you are going to teach me how to make a hamburger you don’t have my attention. It is not going to go anywhere. You have to redefine the element. “Mastermind” is one of those words. So, you are not selling a mastermind. You are selling a different manifestation of the benefits of a mastermind. So, you’re not selling masterminds, you are selling a black box that produces money.

So, from that you have to back up and you have to make it more palatable to me. You are asking me to spend a lot of money on something that doesn’t have that kind of value to me. A lot of this is going to rest on the testimonials you get, on the credibility you bring to the table, and the way you can sell me on it…

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