August 12

John Carlton Marketing Tips: Create a Newsletter


John Carlton and the attendees of his marketing hot seat talk about creating a newsletter to help develop credibility.

I think it might be a good idea to start a printed newsletter that you send out to these people. That establishes you with something in the mail that gets opened. You can just talk about things in there, for example “I’ll be in New York next week and will have a small gathering in case you want to come”. There are many reasons why you would want to publish a newsletter. It’s high impact… higher than an e-mailed newsletter. You want to do this because these are things that your readers want to hear about. You can bring in a bunch of other things about business and branch out.

A friend of mine creates and packages a newsletter for real estate agents that they can then mail out. The hulkier and homlier it is the better response it gets. It looks like it was created with a typewriter, has clipart in it… I’m not saying that you should do it this way, but you have to understand that the more corporate it looks the lower the response you’re going to get. It should look like it came out of your home office. It can have design elements, but the more personal it looks the better response you’ll get. That’s something that hasn’t changed with the web, with HTML, with that stuff at all.

The newspaper could be your blog posts… The same type of thing. You put it in an envelope and send it out first class mail. Your readers probably don’t read most of their e-mail, but they will open the envelope. You also should have some type of interaction… The ability for people to ask questions. You can have your website address in there, as well. You are repurposing your stuff, and making it more interactive.

Make sure that your topics are of current interest to your readers. If I get this right, their main interest is not getting sued. You can have a lot of bite-sized information, maybe put in some stories about the latest disasters where a company did get sued. Just news items.

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