December 8

John Carlton Marketing Tips: How to Get Into a New Market


SF-MH-Eva SzakalEva is a marketing consultant who wants to consult with geothermal companies.  Her passion is renewable energy but the market is just emerging and she wants to know how to plant her flag.



John’s advice: When you start breaking this down, the fact that you’re going into the geothermal industry is irrelevant. You can break this all down into blocks… A, B, C.

So, A: you have this market that you want to go into, and what I’m hearing is that this market does not exist yet, or does not exist in any substantial form.

B: it may exist in a while, and when it does, the curve of its existence will probably have a steep rise. It will get going quickly because of grants, tax credits, or breakthroughs in technology. At this point you want to position yourself as the go to marketer who understands this market well enough to be able to walk in the front door and say “I am the one who helped these other people do this and I am the one to talk to”.

This is true of any market you are talking of. It was true of the carpet cleaning market before the carpet cleaners became carpet cleaners. There was a time when there were no carpet cleaning trucks going door-to-door. You can go back and look at this.

So, cutting through all the details, there is a market and you want to become the go to person in that market. If you look at it in those stark terms, you have a couple of jobs ahead of you:

1. Identify the existing market

2. Identify, as much as you can, who is currently successful in that market and find out how they’re being successful,

3. Ingratiate yourself somehow with them… use that as a base to get started. You have to codify what the successful people are doing, and see if it’s any different from other markets. For example, carpet cleaners are really no different from any door-to-door vendors. They could be lumped in with all other vendors who go to to someone’s house, perform a service, and then leave.

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