November 30

John Carlton Copywriting Tips: The Snarling Beast Mindset



In this excerpt from a copywriting sweatshop, John Carlton talks about his snarling beast mindset…how he attacks the computer with a vengeance and a “take no prisoners” approach to put excitement into his writing and make it as compelling and effective has he can.


John’s comments:

What you guys are talking about is catching yourselves at a fever pitch, and that’s what I am trying to get at with the snarling beast thing. When you come in and you stalk the work space and you start writing, I want you at fever pitch. So, when you start writing, it’s not “Hi, I’m sitting here…I’m writing you this letter because I’d really like to tell you an interesting story.”

No. It’s like: “If I don’t get this off my chest right now my head’s going to explode, What happened to me last night changed my life and I’ve got a handful of guys that I want to let in on this right now. I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before in your life. It’s going to change everything about your life, what you want, and where you’re going for the next 20 years. Best part…it’s cheap, it happens quick, and the cornucopia opens up wide, blah, blah, blah..”

And, what you do when you do that, I think Matt was referring to, is, catch them at fever pitch. Right? We’ll talk about this later, you’re making me do this. It’s about your voice. Your voice is lame, backing off, one foot out the door, please don’t hate me for trying to sell you something, all that stuff.

Get rid of that attitude. Sit down and sell this guy. If you sell him this, if he gets out his wallet and buys, with the devalued pound, your stuff, is his life going to be better? They why are you pussyfooting around? You’re hurting him. Every guy that looks at this and says “I’ll read it later”, or “whatever”, you’ve just done a grave disservice.

And that’s the attitude you want to get. Combined with the attitude that he has about 300 pounds in his wallet that rightfully belongs to you. I’m serious. It’s fair value, isn’t it? Give me 300 bucks and I change your life. How much would he pay for it if it is a magic pill? That really would change his life immediately? He’d give everything he had, right? It’s a bargain. Plus, there’s no risk. Not only does he have 3, 6, or 9 months or whatever to figure it out on his own, use this thing, you’ll pay him 50 bucks if it doesn’t work.

Get on to of that. Get on top of that passion and that connection. He wants the same things you want. He’s clueless. He’s driving on 4 flats.

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