July 21

How to Get MRIC Emails to go to Your Primary Gmail Inbox


If you use Gmail you have probably been exposed to their latest efforts to sheild you from those “wascally” marketers who are doing their best to separate you from your money.  You have probably been switched (upgraded?) to their new system of sorting incoming email.  They have 3 inbox folders:  Primary, Social, and Promotional.

When you open your mail you automatically go to the primary folder, so it is best to get email that you want to read into your primary inbox.  I have found that the MRIC emails announcing new posts to the forum are going to the “promotional” folder, though.

Assuming that you want to receive this information into your primary inbox, all you have to do is:

1.  Open your Promotional inbox

2.  Hover over the MRIC email listing (don’t open it)

3.  Click and drag the mouse to the box that says “Primary”.  It will say “move 1 conversation” as you drag the mouse

4.  Release the mouse button when you get to the “Primary” box.  You will then be asked if you want all email from that address to go to the primary box.  Click on “yes”.

Alternatively (my preferred method) you can eliminate the filters altogether by clicking on the Gear at the right of the screen, then click on Settings/Inbox and here you can uncheck the other tabs.  This will put everything back the way it was originally.

If you have any questions, open a support ticket at www.MarketingRebelSupport.com


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