December 31

John Carlton Marketing Tips: Is Your Paradigm Working


HSS-MH-Aaron CrockerIn this clip from a marketing hotseat, John Carlton explains how to define your paradigm and determine whether it’s working or not.

John’s comments:

You have to do a paradigm breakdown. Halbert called the image suicide and it affects a lot of things. You have to sit down and start by saying is a paradigm I’m using working? Is “who I am” when I’m applying myself to this business that I love so much someone that’s helping people or is it that I want to make money? It’s a lot better to be able to go off to Africa and help people on the multimillion dollar retirement that you will have than to try to do it as an active part of your business.

So forget that “trying help other people” stuff. It’s all about greed, first and foremost. And about that image suicide thing… Stop trying to force what’s making you feel good about this. You have a belief system going on right now. One of the first things that I do when I help people… Clients that come to me or people that come to me for critiques or stuff… Is to get them past that belief system. A lot of times they are completely deluded about why they’re in the business, what they’re doing in it, what their customers want… Everything is a delusion. And that’s why the most common thing that I get as a writer… David, Harlan, you writers; what is the most common thing a client will say about his customers?

“My customers are different”. And the answer to that always is “no, they’re not”. Do you understand? The things that you do successfully to reach any part of that three-part little pool thing can be used to reach any single one of them in other words, you’re not going to use different tactics to go to the lenders as you are to those who are going to buy. You’re going to find out what makes them tick, you’re going to find out what they’re passionate sweet spot is, and you’re going to nail it. You’re going to give them reasons why you are the guy they should go to. You’re going to become the go to guy for this.

So, once you start understanding this process, what you have to do is focus that on who you want. So, it’s very clear. This is a very clear marketing problem. You need to find people who have money, who are willing or already investing it in the situation you have, and you go to them and give them the reason why they should do this as opposed to another thing, or as an adjunct.

So, it’s identifying the market finding out what makes them buy, and going and making that buying process happen. Okay?

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