May 29

John Carlton Marketing Tips: How to Gain Credibility


JC-SWS-imageIn this clip from his Simple Writing System course, John Carlton helps his students understand how to establish credibility in their presentation of their products or services.  This is point 3 in the Simple Writing System

John’s comments:

OK.  Let’s hear what some people want to say.  Who haven’t I picked on yet? John.

John: “This online training won a gold medal in 2007  Excellence in training award competition.  These guys build it at twice the normal speed and at half the normal cost.”

John C.: “Great.  Emotional?

John:  Will make so much money with this thing I will make VP.  Get promoted past that prick Smith.  And then my wife won’t ridicule me again.

John C:  That’s good.  That’s very good.  Charles…

Charles:  I’ve gone through dozens of different investment strategies over the years and found exactly which ones work.  And, using this simple system I have been able to outperform, do 2 or 3 times better than the market over the past 4 to 5 years.

John:  You are going to have to prove that.   That’s not a bad start, though.  You are going to have a big hill to climb to prove that.  You have to give him bite-sized pieces of information.  Little slabs of phrases that he can use…because his wife’s not going to sit there and listen to how well this thing did over a period of time and “look at this chart, honey…”  You know, that’s not going to happen.  He needs sound bites.  But, that’s good.  You identified that.  Now, what’s your emotional?

Charles:  Basically, to make larger returns than the smartest people they know, with very little work.

John:  Sort of.  Are you in forex, or what is it?

Charles:  Just regular investing.

John:  Regular investing.  You can actually go a lot deeper than that.  In fact, one of the basic things that move people is fear.  Fear of bankruptcy.

Charles:  That was actually another thing I was going to go into.

John:  Let’s hear it.

Charles:  Fear of losing their retirement account.

John:  Yes.  That’s kind of a…in the financial field, in fact, half the pieces for the financial newsletters are about fear.  But, that’s a setup.  You can’t really sell through fear.  By the way, that’s another psychological thing, Kyle.  The fear of missing out is big, but it doesn’t seal the deal in a lot of cases.  You have to give them positive reasons to do it.  But, positive negative reasons, which brings in that lust, the greed…”be one of the few to do this…”

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