AS2-Scott-RewickDuring the second Action Seminar, Scott Rewick explains the many ways a business owner can buy media online. Ad networks, portals, social media, ad exchanges, co-reg, email, mobile, PPV, search.

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Scott’s comments:

So, what I am going to hammer through now is all the places you can buy media. OK, this is a lot of information, I am going to jam through this in the interests of time, but I have kind of given you a broad brush stroke of all the different places you can buy media. Ad networks, portals, social media, ad exchanges, co-reg, email, mobile, Pay-per-view, search. OK, these are pretty broad definitions.

Ad networks — let’s go through this pretty quick—ad networks are pretty simple. They put together publishers (people that have traffic) with guys like us, with advertisers. OK? There’s open and closed networks. Open network means that you can actually pick the place that you’ll end up on. This is high-quality traffic, guys, really high-quality traffic, normally priced on a CPC basis (cost per click). There are closed networks like adblade. Adblade won’t necessarily tell you where you are, but nonetheless you are still advertising on a pay-per-click or cost-per-click basis, and the volume is staggering. It’s auction based and fixed pricing.

Social Media is exploding, OK? I spend most of our adspend within Facebook right now. Heavy demographic targeting, obviously, auction-based pricing. Now, you can’t talk about social media without my friends up the road, Facebook. What Facebook is so awesome at, it’s going crazy right now. You all know that. Exploding traffic. 1 out of 4 ads; I think the next time they do the research it will be 1 out of 3 ads. There’s collectively 700 billion minutes spent a month online. There’s 600 million active users across the world. It’s massively high conversion with social context, right? I think we all know that. It’s profile targeted, not keyword targeted. I mean, us as the Facebook users give our information to advertisers to market to us effectively. So, collectively, the response rates are much, much higher.

Ad exchanges: This is not for the beginner. Ad exchanges are super-high volume. When the big sites have remnant inventory (inventory they can’t sell) they dump it to ad exchanges. Ad exchanges are a collective kind of marketplace of all the unsold stuff. So, high-volume advertisers jump in, they buy it and it is super easy to scale winning campaigns if you have something that works. But we are talking about billions and billions and billions of impressions. So, again, not for the beginner, so we will kind of crank through that.

Portals: Portal-buying is not for the beginner, but if you want insane amounts of traffic portal buying is the way to go.

Co-registration: Do you guys know what co-registration is? It’s kind of a funky way of getting new leads. Co-registration is when you register for a site, they will oftentimes ask you if you want to register for different websites. There’s like opt-in or opt-out. So, if you are registering for Golf Magazine, they’ll ask you if you also want to register for Peak Performance Golf Swing. Yes. Or this offer. Yes, yes, yes. So, its primarily lead-based. So it will give you a bunch of leads. And, to make it work, you have to have the ability to use email, obviously. So, Aweber, Constant Contact, iContact. But, really it is a huge, huge market.

Mobile: Look, I think we all know that mobile is the future. I think we all intuitively know that ads are going to be ending up here on our phone. They are going to be Minority Report-style, where you are walking across the Gap and it goes crazy and that kind of stuff. We all believe that’s going to happen in Silicon Valley, and it is going to happen. So, mobile is a big, big effort for us to understand traffic, understand the medium by which we can advertise on. Pay-per-view used to be called adware, and adware used to be called spyware. It’s a super, super-bad name, but pay-per-view is mostly the idea of someone having some software on your machine. It’s usually because you downloaded a game or service, and they’ll basically pop up for you relevant advertising based on what you are looking at and searching on. It ends up being not for everyone. Email and pay-per-view tend to be a little bit grey for some people, so they don’t do it as much. But, pay-per-view is a huge, huge market.

Finally, search. You know, I love Google. Google’s awesome, but I hate them, too. You know, search is media buying, whether you like it or not, search is going to go on for a long time. Google just threw in their new algorithm yesterday, to wipe out all the content-farm guys. So, it will continue to iterate, and it’s awesome, you know, guys like Bing and Yahoo you can get on the phone and talk to them. Which is pretty cool, so they are super-friendly to affiliate marketers and info marketers.

So, yet another way to buy.

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