May 12

Simple Writing System: Huge Promise


JC-SWS-imageIn this video clip, John Carlton explains how your presentation or your products or services needs to grab the attention of your prospect. This is point 13 of his Simple Writing System.

His comments:

The Headline:  Are you trying to take your business from $10 million to $250 million but can’t figure out why you’re not there yet? Use the Perfect Performance Success System to go step by step and make that $250 million happen.

John: OK, first do what we told Jesse and get your cumbersome title out of there. It’s not time yet to bring it in. Plus, I happen to know something about this market, because there are some other guys I’ve been working with who are doing this. Going from $10 million to $250 million is not your target market. It’s probably $10 to $20 million.

You have to think about what is believable. What they really want or what they really know. People who are at $10 million (I didn’t discover this but people that I know did) don’t know how to get to $20 million. They can do it on their own, using the model that got them to $1 and $5 million to get to $10 million, but that model won’t get them to $20 million.

So, talking about $250 million, the guy that is in your market is going to have some knowledge that he’s at a ceiling.

This works for a lot of markets. A lot of people are at a ceiling. A lot of other people may define them as successful, or happy, or think they should be content where they are. But, if they are not, if they want to move up, they know they have limitations.

What are those limitations, what are their dreams, where do they want to go? Your outrageous promise may be simply “If you’re at $10 million right now…and I don’t want to say that because a lot of people who want to get from $10 million to $20 million aren’t at $10 million yet. But that’s a more believable thing, though. The $250 million is just too outrageous.

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