July 10

John Carlton Marketing Tips: What is a Hot Prospect Worth?


mr-hss-post-imageJohn Carlton asks how to determine what a hot prospect is worth. How much you can pay for a ready-to-buy lead:

John’s comments:

Are you doing any type of tell-a-friend type of thing? Are you encouraging people to tell their neighbors or their relatives about this?

Gary: I have a referral letter that goes out and offers a $20 gift to anyone…

John: Yeah, you’re being cheap there. In fact, let’s talk about that. What is a lead for a hot prospect worth to the people here who market? What is it worth to you to get the name of somebody who has some knowledge of what you do and has already been primed a little bit. What’s that worth to you as far as the final sale?

Well, I guess…the thing I do really…it’s half. I’m not saying you should do that, but giving somebody 20 bucks…if this is a brother-in-law that lives in the next city or something, and you’re still willing to go out to… What’s it worth to get access to that name that you otherwise would not have access to or be able to find…what’s it worth to you?

Dean: What would you cheerfully pay for all the people who want to get stairs done right now? What would you pay if I could give you a list of 10 of them that you didn’t have to go out and find and they wanted to do it?

John: You can help us, here, because most of us deal with information but you deal with real cement and stuff. If you go into a neighborhood and you have four to do as opposed to one, can’t you drop the price then? Oh, you can. OK, very good.

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