Breakdown of Bottom Line/Personal Newsletter Promotion

Breakdown of Bottom Line/Personal Newsletter Promotion

For decades, David has been writing some of Bottom Line, Inc.’s most profitable “controls” and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

For over 40 years, their flagship publication, Bottom Line Personal, has delivered insider, secret consumer tips on money, health and fitness, career, family, retirement, travel, and more to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

In this breakdown, David takes you deep inside his process for creating some of the most successful copy ever written.

You’ll discover:

  • How to write killer bullets that grab attention and make the prospect insanely curious. (And why if you can write great bullets, you can write great copy.)
  • How David creates the big idea (CopyTHINKING in action).
  • How to make the prospect reach for his wallet.
  • How learning to write magalog copy can enable you to write ANY type of copy better.
  • Why more and more smart direct response companies are looking for good direct mail writers these days.

Click here to watch David’s point-by-point breakdown of the promotion.

Click here to see the “Death of Middle Class” Magalog.

(They will open in new windows or tabs, so you can toggle between the ad and David’s commentary.)

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