December 9

A wacky excuse to contact your prospects (or clients)

Anyone who uses content to keep in touch with customers and prospects occasionally (or maybe more often) hits a dry period where they can’t think of new and interesting content to use engage their audience.

Here is an idea that, with a little imagination, could be the go-to source when you need to send something out but seem to be hitting writer’s block.

I was reminded of this the other day when I received an offer for a free calendar.

Forget Christmas, New Years, Halloween and all other holidays with which we are all familiar.  There are literally hundreds of holidays that you have probably never heard of.

For example, did you know that January 2 is Happy Mew Year for Cats Day?  Or that January 20 is Penguin Awareness Day?

Why not create a promotion around a day that is of interest to your prospects or customers?  A dentist could do this on January 26, which is Dental Drill Appreciation Day.

Or, someone who does marketing for businesses in a certain niche (say, for example, dentists) could offer a calendar of wacky holidays relevant to their businesses and suggestions about how to leverage the holidays.

This is a great way to have some fun with your marketing and with your customers and inject some personality into your communication.

I used this a few years ago when I was pitching local news producers.  These people need to come up with content for their shows every day and preferred to use local people.  But, they also wanted something that was timely, and that was the opening that got me in.

I was not local to any of them but I used wacky holidays as a way to make my segments timely.  It sounds a bit odd, but it worked like a charm.  They loved it because it is a bit off-beat and entertaining.  You and your clients can do the same thing.  Very few people are doing this and it will make you stand out.

There are also holidays that last an entire month.  May is National Pet Month and I have a dog-related Facebook page.  For the month of May,  a few years ago, I posted daily memes that showed things people could do to show how much they care for their dogs.  Of course, people don’t call their dogs “pets”, they are fur-kids, fur-babies, fur-children, etc., so I changed the name to National Fur-Kid Month on my memes.  It was a lot of fun and people really enjoyed it.

There are several sources for info about the holidays.  Here are some of them.  The first is my favorite:

One word of caution, though.  These sites are addictive.  Make sure to have your timer going before attempting to visit them!

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