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Thank you! And congratulations on purchasing The Simple Writing System Coaching Program.

John Carlton and your SWS Coach will soon be guiding you on one of the most profitable and entertaining journeys of your life.

You are about to acquire one of life’s superpowers — The ability to write everything you will ever need to make yourself and your business wildly successful.

To access The Simple Writing System Coaching Program, just log into this website — The Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club.  We use this site to deliver all of the SWS training materials and coaching.

  We’ve sent you a few emails.

These emails contain the details of your purchase, everything you need to log in and access the full Simple Writing System, and how to contact us to let us know when you want to begin your SWS Coaching Program.

They usually arrive in your inbox within 1-2 minutes.

If you don’t see them soon, please look in your Spam / Bulk Email Folder.  We do everything technically possible to get our email to your inbox.  Even that can’t prevent an overzealous spam filter from sometimes grabbing one of them.

If, after 5-10 minutes, you’ve looked everywhere there is to look, and you can’t find any emails from us:

Hop over to our customer support site — — and open a ticket.

The #1 reason we hear from people soon after their order is they made a typing mistake in their email address.   So please include your name, the product, and the date you placed the order.

We’ll get back to you quickly.  Often the same day.  Never longer than 2-3 business days.

Login Details

From:  Stan Dahl / Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club
Subject Line:  Here’s your SWS Coaching Program login info…

This email has everything you need to login and access all of the materials and get to your SWS Classroom.

This one is VERY important:

From:  Stan Dahl / Marketing Rebel
Subject Line:  Please confirm your order

It’s how you let us know you entered the correct email address with your order.

We’ll use this email to send you the shipment tracking information for your workbook and all Simple Writing System updates and new bonuses.  That’s why it’s essential you gave us an email you check regularly.

Please take 3 seconds to open this email and click the confirmation link.  It makes a BIG difference when it comes to our email reaching you vs. being blocked or ending up in some spam or bulk folder.

If you prefer we use an email address other than the one you entered into our shopping cart, or the email attached to your PayPal account, go to and create a Support Ticket.

We will NEVER share your email address or other contact information with anyone.  We spend a small fortune every month dealing with spam. We are not about to contribute to the problem. Every email I send you comes with an opt-out link. One click and that will be the last email you ever get from us.

No matter where these first few emails landed, it’s a good idea to add us to your contacts or whitelist us so your SWS information makes it to your inbox.  Simple, step-by-step instructions on how to add us to your whitelist are here.

SWS Coaching Program Details

From:  Stan Dahl and John Carlton
Subject Line:  Your amazing journey is about to begin…

This email tells you how to let us know when you’re ready to enter your SWS Classroom and begin coaching.

You can start any day you like in the next ten days.  We’ll try to set up your access within 24 hours. Most of the time, we can do it the same day. However, if you happen to contact us on a busy day, weekend, holiday, or something like that, it might take us a day or two.

SWS Coaching Questionnaire

From:  Stan Dahl / Simple Writing System
Subject Line:  Welcome! I have some questions for you…

You will get a lot more out of The SWS Coaching Program, starting Day #1, if your SWS Coach knows a bit about you and your business.

Before you enter your classroom, please take a few minutes to answer the questions in this email, and then send us your replies.

Receipt / Invoice

Subject Line:  Your Marketing Rebel LLC order

This email contains the invoice for your purchase and other details about your payment and product shipment.

On behalf of myself, John Carlton, and the entire Marketing Rebel Team, welcome to the Simple Writing System Coaching Program.

You’re going to enjoy this.


Stan Dahl
CEO, Marketing Rebel LLC
Co-Creator of The Simple Writing System

P.S. – Remember, there are no SWS lessons or bonuses that require you to be anywhere at any particular time. You will go through the entire course at your own pace on your own schedule.

P.P.S. – If you find yourself lost or confused about the SWS (not sure we can help you with other topics), hop over to and open a ticket.  We’ll get back to you quickly.  Often the same day.  Always within 2-3 business days (even during our busiest periods).

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