May 10

Action Seminar: What To Do if You Have No Testimonials


Stan Dahl answers the popular question: What do I do for my sales letter if I have no testimonials. His answer is not what you would want to hear.

Stan’s comments:

This is arguably the most-asked question online/offline/coaching calls/big/small. Basically, how to you format…or what do you include in your sales copy when you are just starting out and you don’t have testimonials? Do you want her? Do you want to mock it or do you want me to?

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Well, that is…we have a standard thing…actually, Stan, what you said. It’s a thing you’ve told people, too. Just get out…just reiterate what you…
Yeah, that’s…you know…the blind spot of a lot of people who want to go online is, they think “that’s it”. They are somehow psychologically glued to this monitor and all things must happen through this keyboard and this monitor. I mean…the answer to that…you don’t have testimonials and you think they are integral in selling your product is, what’s the answer? Everyone knows the answer when you’re not asking the question. What’s the answer?

There you go. It’s what I call a “put on shoes” day.

Say what he said, Stan, he doesn’t have a mike.

Sorry. It’s “go get testimonials”. That is the answer to that. Every once in a while you still have to put on shoes. You’re going to have to leave the house, gonna have to talk to people, and it’s…If you cannot get someone interested in your home town, or someone you can get to, to use your product, to consume your product and say good things about it, that’s probably a really good reason to stop whatever this good idea you have is.

I will help you with it, I will give it to you. Again, sometimes if you give it away there is no perceived value. So, giving it away is not always the best move, but if you cannot get a testimonial, and you think that’s integral to your marketing, your success, just stop. You know, try something else. Does that not make sense to anybody? OK, because we get asked that once a month.

It could be part of the process of…I think it was Brian or Mary Ellen or someone said, to find out if there is even a market you may want to test and bring people to a site, to see if you can get people interested. Pay per click, or send some type of traffic to a site with the basic idea of give something away. And it may be close to your product or something. That’s where you can start exchanging, get information …”is this something , you know, I’ll send you this free, is this something you’d like…blah, blah,blah. You start doing that.

And then those people you can give them the product. “I’ll give it to you. But, in exchange for you absolutely telling me what you think about it. You can tell me anything you want. You can tell me it’s horrible or you can do it. So, that’s a way online to do it. But, really, you’ve got people around you , you’ve got a lot of things.

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