June 16

Hot Seat Seminar and Copywriting Sweatshop Event Videos – Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club

Several times a month we post videos shot at one of John Carlton’s exclusive live events. These events typically cost $5,000 or more to attend.

Some of them focus on marketing and some focus on copywriting.

As part of your MRIC Membership, you get to sit in and take notes without leaving home.

Watch how John, Stan and the other attendees advise the hot seat attendees and apply their advice to your own business.

You’ll soon see that most of the advice can be applied (maybe with a little tweaking) to any business.

Post your questions and suggestions in The Clubhouse.

These videos are only available for a limited time (currently about 3 weeks) so please get to them as quickly as possible when you receive the email saying each is available.

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