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Module 1 – Design, Tech & Testing

The foundation of your business is who you are and how you operate your business as an Entrepreneur. This module reveals some of the most effective strategies, tactics and systems that will support you in being a highly effective business owner and help you operate your business in  a way that supports the lifestyle you desire.

Module 2 – Marketing

Your marketing is the lifeline of your message to the world.  It’s the combination/union of strategy, technology and messaging that… that brings in the money for your business.

Module 3 – Copywriting

All the essentials of direct response and salesmanship in print are covered by a whose-who of direct marketing titans … and …. leaving no stone unturned in this module.  John Carlton leads the pack…

Module 4 – Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business.  The Action Seminar speakers covered both free and paid traffic sources.  There is something here for anyone, from raw rookie to experienced marketer…
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Module 5 – Entrepreneurship  

Business Owners who work IN their business are part of the hired help. Business owners who work ON their business are entrepreneurs. It is a state of mind and we have several presentations what will help you get your mindset right. and show you some tools that can help you run your business more efficiently…

Module 6 – Email Marketing

One of the fastest ways to grow your business is to develop a list of prospects and warm them up through email marketing.   Our presenters work in the trenches and bring you their best secrets to success…

Module 7: Product Creation

This was the most-requested topic.

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